Welcome to our website SashWindows.com

Welcome to our web site, hopefully you’ll get some nice ideas on how to improve your home.

Whilst here you’ll discover why sash windows are such a unique style of opening, why they’re so effective and such a beautiful addition to have in your home.

We make no bones about it, this site is biased towards sash windows, to their appearance and to retain their ongoing presence in UK properties, because they represent the very best in design and engineering, that our country was known for and because we believe it is important to see them retained in the street sceenes in every town across the country!

We believe Listed properties and those with special restrictions should have windows preserved for future generations, we also support the principals of conservation areas and areas of special interest as defined in the National Planning and Policy Framework, but we dont follow the idealology that only one material can fulfill every need, neither do we support local planning and conservation departments, who give their “personal preferences”, ahead of the “factual requirements” required by the NPPF.

Still thank you for visiting our site, we are delighted to have feedback of any kind and we trust you’ll enjoy reading about the reasons sash windows are so important for us to see retained or reinstated.