Find reputable sash window installers

Finding reputable sash window installers can be difficult.

Every web site has some form of testimonials on them, but how can you be certain they are genuine, not made up by the company themselves?

How can you get some initial idea of prices, without spending hours listening to sales people patter?

Frustrating isn’t it? Surely there’s a website which lets companies display their accreditations, help past customers leave reviews and invite companies to supply budget prices (without having to have several sales visits)

Well there is, this site offers precisely that simply enter your post code or search for a specific company by name and you’ll get their details, reviews and accreditations (if they have added them) even a link direct to company house, so that you can see when they started as a limited company.

There is even a “short list” pop up which allows you to select any number of  companies you like the sound of, then send them an email requesting budget prices. What’s more they don’t sell on your details like similar sites, you stay in control of the process only inviting those you chose to contact.

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