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Free Buyers Guide

This FREE Buyers Guide provides you with the Critical Design Features You Should Look For To Avoid Damaging the Value of Your Home plus, Ways to work out exactly what you want before you ever speak to a salesman, how to get the best value product and the KEY Questions to ask so you get the RIGHT installer with the RIGHT products, which are RIGHT for your home.

Once there were over 44 million, box sash windows installed in the UK. It seems like most have been replaced with totally inappropriate, casement styled, “mock sash” windows or cheap double glazing. The result is that thousands of properties have been damaged or defaced in the process, destroying their character and reducing their value in the process, because one of two things happened…

  • Either the homeowners decided to go with the cheapest option and did not appreciate the impact their choice of windows would have on the look, character or appearance of their home.
  • Or the window company failed to take full account of their needs and designed fenestration that was different and certainly not in keeping with the property.

Whichever it was, much of the housing stock has been ruined, their values reduced and we must all suffer the resulting ugliness of these decisions.

This guide will help you avoid making the same mistakes. 

Windows are the eyes of your home. They should be bright, light and airy, keeping you safe and warm, helping you conserve global resources through energy efficient savings, whilst keeping out the cold wind, snow and rain.

If you choose to replace your windows, you could take “standard sized” ones, that are made to standard size then packed to fit your openings. However, a good supplier will take into account all your individual needs, they would listen to your requirements, then show you all the options you have, so that they can align their products to suit your requirements completely, with bespoke, purpose made sash windows.

To get your FREE copy simply fill out the form on our [CONTACT US] page.

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