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Are new sash windows secure?

The vast majority of burglaries are opportunistic. Thieves, seeing an open window or an unlocked door find an entry is quick and easy.

Where forced entry is made, again they look for the weakest point, so doors, being large open areas are often the first point of attack, however many people close sash windows but never turn the cam catch, meaning the lower sash is free to slide.

Flicking old fashioned latches or forcing the lower sash with a spade sash windows requires more skill and force but takes time and can be noisier.

Anything that slows down the speed of access or deters them altogether should be used.

Besides window locks and bolts themselves, don’t overlook thorny shrubs or rose bushes below a window, an obvious natural deterrent, the body likes to get snagged especially as it will leave shreds of clothing.

As for the windows themselves, there are several variations of locks, from simple bolts through to smart ready locks which link to security systems letting you know the status of a window or door.

The police recommend products that have undergone, extra enhanced security testing to prove the windows are capable of withstanding a controlled attack, for 5 minutes, using specified tools. This preferred standard is known as “secured by design scheme”. Companies with SBD can be found here 

The best sash windows have a pair of locks, which being opposite-handed makes it more difficult to break through and centralises sashes so that they sit square in the frames.

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