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Find a reputable sash window installer

Choosing an installer is just as important as choosing your windows and may be more difficult than you think. We’ll explain what you should be looking for in a professional installer and give you details on what you should expect to discuss with them before agreeing to any work.

Finding reputable sash window installers can be difficult.

Every web site has some form of a testimonial, every company comes recommended, each says they will do a good job, so just how can you choose?

First off, is the manufacturer also fitting? Often, where a manufacturer also installs, they tend to employ self-employed fitters. These fitters may work exclusively for them but they are generally on a price rather than day rates, so the temptation is to rush to get the works done as quickly as possible. If you can find companies who employ their fitters they should take as long as the work needs to take, but there are no guarantees.

National brand or local fitters?  

National brands have tended to control all aspects of the supply chain, extrusion, manufacture, and installation, whilst local companies generally just install. Larger companies can control when their products are made, whereas installation companies rely upon the expertise of their suppliers, so it’s vital you understand that relationship. However local installers are not tied to any one product, they can source the most suitable products you desire, be it wooden windows, steel, GRP or PVCU

Virtually all replacement window manufacturers make numerous products, very few specialise in making just one product, however, Masterframe is one such company. All they make are sash windows, that’s it. They specialise in making the very best alternative to timber, sash windows possible.

As a trade fabricator (manufacturer) the sash windows they produce are tailor-made, each one is bespoke to your precise specification and can be installed by your builder or a window company of your choice.

However they created a network of trusted local fitting companies in 1998, today the members of the master installer’s network must demonstrate their knowledge and customer service before being appointed. They tend to focus on the sash windows more than other products; they have a strong, local reputation for quality.

In addition to having access to the Bygone Collection of sash windows, which carries a 12-year warranty, the workmanship of each master installer is also guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Each company must be registered with a competent person scheme (FENSA, Certass, Corgi, etc) to self-certify that their work is compliant with building regulations or direct with the local building control officer of the council.

Whilst most will request a small deposit (up to 25%) all must offer consumers a deposit indemnity insurance. These are very low-cost £10/50 per policy, whilst all guarantee deposits many also cover stage payments

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