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What is a fair price to pay for a sash window?

Price is often a big factor in any large household purchase, however with sash windows the price can vary widely. We’ll give you guidance on what to consider when looking at different products and installers. It’s important to remember that if the windows are lower-cost, you may find they are cheaper for a reason, so always see a sample first and check they offer all the features and benefits you are expecting. 

Why not try designing your ideal windows online using Pricemaster Window Designer and, once you’re done, get a quick and easy quote.


How much do sash windows cost?

Sash window prices vary widely, much depends upon who you are buying from, their knowledge, experience and skill set, however as a retail purchaser, your budget will also dictate the accuracy and detail of the finished installation, it can be very confusing.

Let’s try to explain a few things for you, so that you can appreciate why problems arise, how people could get mislead, but more importantly, how to agree a fair price for the work.

You get what you pay for!

It is very easy to say but as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. We all get suckered into sometimes thinking we’ve found a bargain, we think we are buying “the same thing”, only much cheaper. It’s only once we start using the item, that we find it doesn’t do the job quite as well as we thought!

Nobody wants to feel they’ve paid over the odds for something or been ripped off but all too often, the lure of lower prices is too strong and regretted later, so it is vital you spend some time understanding the detail and why costs differ.

Most people buy the best quality they can afford, having set a budget, however some will chose to have half the work done now (at higher quality) saving for the remainder at a later date. Others install lower cost products, choosing quantity over quality.


All of these prices exclude fitting and VAT 

Installation companies, generally take sizes for manufacturing, their risk, if the size is wrong they must rectify at their cost. They generally mark up the bought in products and add a fitting charge (which includes removal on replacement work)

However, they could be buying any of the above products and charging you the same money, so you need to understand exactly what they are proposing.

You’ll also find the prices vary around the country. Property prices and costs of living for London and the Home Counties, means window installations cost more than say the midlands, the west country or the north.

Does the work include architraves, shutters, trims, will these be in timber or plastic, stuck on with silicone? Will the existing box frame be removed to fully recess the frame behind the external reveal or covered over reducing daylight and looking unsightly?


So how to decide what is a fair price for sash windows? 

First off, decide the level of detail you are after. If it’s a new build or quick do upper, you could be forgiven for getting the cheapest price possible but you wont maximise the sale value because most people would pay an extra for better quality windows.

Then look at showrooms (virtually or in person) ask for samples, see products up close and feel the build quality. Spend time looking at alternatives, check out forums to hear about the experiences of others, see if they have external qualifications, ISO, BBA, SBD, GGF etc

Understand the choices you have, don’t be told, “this is how they are made, you don’t have any choices”. The best companies have a solution for every aspect of your project, colour, size, fittings, security, energy efficiency, so that you get to specify those items you wish to use and ignore those you don’t need.

You can also use online designer tools (like Pricemaster) so that you can visualise how products will look on your project and configure windows yourself to suit your project. It’s simple to use and is the easiest way to get a quotation to see if your designs fits your budget.

So how can you tell the difference between a fairly priced but excellent product, well made and correctly fitted with meaningful guarantees, against one that priced far lower, appears better value and at first glance, looks like its the same thing?

How can you make a sound decision, one you won’t regret later? 

Well, in short, by doing your home work, asking questions, and checking the facts and claims being made. Sash windows have an array of options, it’s our job to educate you about your choices, to inform you what can be done, what is possible, what’s not etc, so that you can decide if you need them on your windows, or not.

That way you build the perfect specification knowing with certainty that you’re getting what you need, from a trusted company with unique proposals for your project.